Mother Clelia Merloni, Profesor Giulia de Magistris

Actress, film director, author. She entered the theater world in the early 90’s. She spent more than twenty years in theater tours, cinema and television. She collaborated with many well-known persons: G. Becherelli, P. Villoresi, A. Latella, R. Scarpa, M. Paiato, M. Harris, A. Ruggiero, O. Lionello, A. Foà, O. M. Guerrini, L. Kemp, M. V. Hoecke, G. Peparini. She worked in high quality productions by Lux Vide, Argot, Stabile della Toscana, David Zard, Fascino Mediaset, Greek Theater of Taormina, Ravenna Festival, Micha Van Hoecke Ensemble.


Mother Marcellina Viganò, Professor Sandra Proietti

Actress in theater, film and television, she is known of for having portrayed Melina in the fiction “A Doctor in the Family”. In 1993, together with some friends she founded “The Locale” on vicolo del Fico, 3, in Rome, a place of encounter and interaction for musicians and actors who today are among the best-known protagonists on the Italian scene. She conducted the TV2000 programs “Per Sempre” and “Beati voi”. In 2015 she published her autobiography “Un cuore nuovo”, in which she tells the story of her conversion. She is currently involved in various plays, including: “Tempo al tempo”, “Stremate: Ultimo atto?” and “Nel nome della madre”.


Sister Giuseppina D’Ingenheim, Sister Gemma

Originally from Catania, Alessandra acts in theater, film and television. She oversees the acting course at the Umberto Spadaro School of Dramatic Arts of the Teatro Stabile di Catania. Among her works in film are: “Ragazzi fuori” by Marco Risi, “Gente di Roma” by Ettore Scola, “Notte prima degli esami” and “Notte prima degli esami oggi”.and recently “Il sud è niente”. She acts in television fiction such as “Un medico in famiglia”, “Il giovane Montalbano” and “Squadra antimafia - Palermo oggi”. In theater, she recently was among the stars of the play “Tempo al tempo”.


Bishop Giovanni Battista Scalabrini, Professor Sergio Passoni - Principal

A film, television and theater actor. On the big screen he has been one of the favored actors of the Taviani brothers and Pupi Avati. After a long time in theater (including under the direction of Giorgio Strehler) he has acted in very many films: (“Le vie del Signore sono finite” alongside Massimo Troisi, “Per non dimenticarti”, “Il lupo”...). On televison, after starring in fiction such as, “Storia d’amore e d’amicizia”, “La piovra”, “Se un giorno busserai alla mia porta” and “Poliziotti”, he became the protagonist in “La squadra” in the role of Inspector Guerra and took part in “Distretto di polizia”. His debut as a film director was “Quando si diventa grandi”.


Sr. Elisa Pederzini, Professor Ada Mancini

She acted in more than 60 theatrical productions, in collaboration with Strehler, Nino Manfredi, Vittorio Gassman, Mario Missiroli, Giancarlo Cobelli and Maurizio Panici, alongside the greatest Italian actors. She worked in over 30 films, with such directors as Miklos Jancso, Marco Bellocchio, the Taviani brothers, Giuliano Montaldo and Paolo Sorrentino in “La grande bellezza”, an Oscar award-winner in 2014 as the best foreign film. She performed in eight television plays for the RAI. She won numerous prizes, among which were two Golden Masks, two Golden Girls Awards, two Ubu Awards one for Lifetime Achievement and one for Peace, and the Vatican Gold Medal, as one of the hundred artists in the world who promote dialogue with spirituality. She currently directs the Biondo Theater in Palermo.


Father of Mother Clelia, Father of Giulia

Born in Asmara, he made his debut in film with “Roma rivuole Cesare” (1972) di Miklos Jancsò and two years later was the lead actor in “Il gabbiano” by Marco Bellocchio. In the following years he took part in various productions, including ‘Corleone’ (1978) by Pasquale Squitieri and “Il viaggio di Capitan Fracassa” (1990) by Ettore Scola. His fame among the general public, even at the international level, began with the screenplay “La Piovra”. His career continues with great success in television, theater and film. Since 1982 he has been married to the Argentinian actress Victoria Zinny.


Sister Redenta, Professor Paola Rinaldi

An actress who works in theater, film and television, she has played the role of Silvana Canale, a single mother in the soap opera “Vivere” on Channel 5. Among her other works are the film “Caccia alle Mosche” and Mai + come prima” and the television fictions “Mozart è un assassino”, “Il maresciallo Rocca 3”, “Una vita in regalo”, “Raccontami “and “Un posto al sole d’estate”. She is among the leading actors in the television series “Terapia d’urgenza”, in the role of head nurse Giulia Graziosi. She has appeared in many series including “Don Matteo 5”, “Provaci ancora prof. 4”, “Nero Wolfe”, “Un passo dal cielo 3” e “La porta rossa”.


Father Luigi Gelmini, Professor Carlo Tomei

Born in Biella, he was cast by the Peoples’ Theater Company for the film “Cyrano de Bergerac” directed by Maurizio Scamparro. He made his debut with Pupi Avati, who gave him the role of lead actor in “Impiegati”. He also worked with Federico Fellini in “Ginger and Fred” and with Marco Bellocchio in “Diavolo in corpo”. He collaborated with the film director Francesco Caolgero for which he won the prize as the best lead actor at the International Film Festival in Mallorca, Spain and at the Dedalo Minosse Cinema.


Father Gaetano Masotti, Professor Andrea Paolucci

A student of Ernesto Calindri, he received a diploma from the Filodramma Academy in Milan. He took part in various radio programs toward the end of the 90s. Since 2004 he has been a member of the cast of the program “Il ruggito del coniglio”. He has also been part of the radio comedy “Nessuno è perfetto” by Linda Brunetta. His television success began with the series “I Cesaroni”, in which he played the part of Antonio Barilon for five seasons. He acted in the film “Colpo d’occhio” by Sergio Rubini. In the 2009-2010 season he worked alongside Neri Marcorè and Piero Dorfles in conducting the television show “Per un pugno di libri”.


Sister Gesuina Viganò, Mother of a Student

Born in Civitavecchia, she graduated with a degree in stage direction at the D.A.M.S. of Roma Tre University and she also received a diploma from the Professional School for Actors, Paola Tiziana Cruciani’s “IL Cantiere Teatrale”. She works as an actress and also often acts as assistant stage director, alongside Paola Tiziana Cruciani, Remo Remotti, Michela Andreozzi, Max Tortora, Augusto Fornari, Alessandra Costanzo, Enzo Casertano. Fonda con Andrea Zanacchi, Elena Mazza and Giampaolo Filauro, the Compagnia “Velluto Rosso”. Also present in some short films, she won the award for Best Actress at the first edition of "Lucca 48".


Sister Irene Viganò, Professor Silvia Benedetti

After graduating from the school run by the Teatro Stabile di Torino founded by Luca Ronconi, she became a member of the theatrical company of the Stabile di Torino. In 2004 she was among the leading actors in “il Giro della Vite” by Carmelo Rifici. Her film debut was “Manuale d’amore 2 - Capitoli successivi” by Giovanni Veronesi, followed by “Riprendimi” by Anna Negri and “Io, loro e Lara” by Carlo Verdone. She was the costar of “È nata una star?” by Lucio Pellegrini and she was in the cast of “Bella Addormentata” by Marco Bellocchio, a film presented in competition at the 69th International Film Festival in Venezia. In 2019 she played the role of Frances Cabrini as the star in the TV film “Mother Cabrini”.


Bianchina, Doorkeeper in Giulia’s House

An Argentinian actress, she was very young when she acted with Luis Buñuel in “Viridiana”. She appeared in the pro-Indian western “Keoma” by Enzo G. Castellari, “Io e Caterina” by Alberto Sordi, “In viaggio con Papà” by Sordi and Verdone, “Mak p 100” by Antionio Bido. In 2007 she acted professionally alongside her husband, Remo Girone, for the first time in the drama “Il sole nero” directed by Kryzsztof Zanussi, under whom she worked again in the film “Corpo estraneo”. She worked with her husband again in “Rosso mille miglia” by Claudio Uberti and in “Mothers” by Liana Marabini.